Meet the J-Walkers!



Joanne Taylor

PRESIDENT / 3 Day Walker

My name is Joanne Taylor. I have the honor of being the team captain of the J-Walkers. The J-Walkers formed in 2006 in order to train, raise money and find mutual support in preparation for the Philadelphia 3-DAY event. We are women and men from all walks of life from South Jersey and Philadelphia. I started walking in support of my dear friend's mother who passed away several years ago from breast cancer. Please read the stories of some of our team members and remember to give generously so that we may eradicate breast cancer forever.

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Joanne Faccenda


Hello, I am the second J in J-walkers.  In January of 2006 I sat down and took time to read the notes and look at the pictures that came with my Christmas cards. I received my usual card from my friend Jeanne`s son along with a picture of his newborn daughter.  He named his daughter Jeanne in memory of his late Mother, Jeanne Giltinan Burge. Jeanne had been my best friend since I was six years old. She lost her battle with breast cancer at the age of forty.
As fate would have it, a 3-day commercial came on.  The rest is history, I decided to make a difference so other women would be able to hold and love a new grandchild. Crying does not help, action does. The next day, I received a call from a good friend, Joanne Harrington. She too had decided to walk and that is how the J-Walkers came to be.
Our team is old and young, and from all walks of life. We have shared many tears, and also many good laughs.  We all have one thing in common, eradicate breast cancer!!! I am proud to walk with all of these women, and for all women.   Please help us by clicking on the donate button, or support us by attending our fund raising events. Thank You

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The 3-Day is a life changing Event.  I have been part of this amazing group of women since our inception in 2006 and have walked with them hundreds of miles!  I walk for the many, for my family and friends who have survived and who haven't... I walk in their honor and their memory.  I hope that some day we'll all just do this for the fun of it.  In the meantime, we will continue to walk; so if you cannot walk with us please support us generously.  "...the happiest people are not those getting more, but those who give more."  BE REALLY HAPPY...THANKS FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT!

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In 2006, I was dismayed to hear about the struggle of a high school friend who was fighting to beat breast cancer over many years, one day at a time.  I wonderedwhat I could do to support her and other women fighting to live.  As if she read my mind, my dear friend (and J-Walker captain) sent me an email telling me she was going to walk and asked if I would walk or support her.  I realized that this was something I could do to help find a cure so that my friend and other struggling as she is, have the best chance of surviving this disease.  Walking 60 miles is a piece of cake compared to the daily lives of women living with breast cancer and something I can do to help make a difference in their lives.

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Hi.  In 2006 Joanne H. asked me to walk in the Philly 3-DAY with her so she did not have to walk alone.  I am not a breast cancer survivor, but after being diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma in 2002, I thought the walk would be a great way for me to show my support for all cancer victims and their families.  Well look at us now!  Along with a tremendous group of men and women on our team, we are about to walk in our ELEVENTH Philly 3-DAY!  I am extremely proud to be a part of the J-Walkers and all that they do as they come together to try and eradicate this horrible disease.  Each walker is required to raise $2,300.  Won't you please support us and all those affected by breast cancer and donate to our team?  Thank you.

We walk to show our support.
We walk for those who cannot.
We walk because we can.
We walk because we care. 

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My four kids are my biggest fans.  They support me in every way they can.  I wanted to walk so that a cure for breast cancer could be found.  I want my children to grow up in a world that is cancer-free.  I walk in honor of my Mom, Susan, and my friend, Stacy

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Jill Simmermon


Hi, I'm Jill Simmermon.  On April 10, 1998 I lost my Mom to breast cancer -- she started battling cancer when she was in her 40's -- she was very strong and very brave for her family.  She didn't want us to worry...clearly, she was carrying all of this herself.  After she passed I was very generous in donating to Breast Cancer Awareness.  However, in 2006, I decided that simply sending in a check wasn't significant enough.  I need to something BIG!!  I had heard commercials for the 3-Day but didn't think I could do it... and I didn't think that one more person walking would ever make a difference.  All I can say is "wow"...if you've never experienced something BIGGER than you, you really owe it to yourself to.  At the first closing ceremony at Villanova in 2006 I committed that as long as I'm healthy, I'll be actively involved in the 3-DAY.  IN 2007 we traveled to Boston to participate in that 3-DAY.  This year I'm lucky enough to be part of the elite J-Walkers (a group of women that I met training for the 2006 walk) and will be back walking in Philadelphia in October.

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Vicki & Tim Wadas


I became active with the 3-Day when it first came to Philadelphia. My best friend (sister by choice) died in 2001. My first walk was the Race for the Cure on Mother's Day. It was something I did with my girls. I became active with the Philadelphia Affiliate and then the 3-Day. I walked the first year with some leg problems and was taken off route and did not finish. At Closing, my husband of 9 months said to me "if you do this next year, I'll crew" all because of two walkers that had ice wrapped around their legs but walked in, and he did. However, his first year wasn't that good. His job was tent and gear and it had rained, mud, plus a relocation. When he was done that Friday night, the first thing he said was "one and done, no more." However, when Sunday came along, after Closing Ceremonies he said "next Year." I knew he was hooked and the whole team from tent and gear returned. His first year crewing was my last year to walk. Then I became a crew person myself and am looking forward to 2015.

Being a mother with 7 daughters and 6 granddaughters, this is very important to me. We need to find a cure. Over the years, I have met some of the most wonderful women, including the Joannes of the J-Walkers, who I met through a walker that came to a meeting with her friend and joined with her. Funny - her friend never walked and Mary met Joanne Faccenda, introduced me to her, then Tim and I joined. Even though we're across the bridge in Philly, we try to help when we can. I refer to us as the step-children.

We support this amazing group of women and men - both walkers and crew, and will continue to fight to find a cure.


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Debbie Bruce


In 2015 I experienced the 3-Day walk for the first time in Philadelphia. My cousin and a number of friends are breast cancer survivors. These women have inspired me through their strength, determination, positive outlook and faith. I decided to walk the 60 mile 3-Day to honor their courage and make a commitment to help find a cure.  Since then our company, Blue Vista Solutions has donated our web development & graphic design services to support the J-Walkers. We are so happy to help such a great organization which makes such a differnce!

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Survivor / 3 DAY WALKER

My name is Diane and at the age of 46 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. No one in my family had ever had it so I was shocked...and scared. My son was just 12 years old and telling him, and the rest of my family was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. After hearing about the 3-Day on the radio, I knew that I needed to walk 60 miles for ME, to show breast cancer that it wasn't going to get the best of me. Once I finished 3 days and 60 miles, I knew that I would continue to walk, every year that I can, not just for me, but for everyone that I've met along the way. The 3-Day is a family, it's challenging, and it is life changing. I am now a 5-year survivor! I know that one day there will be an end to breast cancer and that's why we walk.




Hello, I'm Amanda - from London in the UK. I'm a new inductee to the J-Walkers (2016) having supported them from across the pond since I met Joanne and Kym through friends in 2011. In the last few years I had the opportunity to work with the research scientist at Cancer Research UK and see first hand the amazing work that is done to fight cancer and the progress that is being made. But there's so much more to do and so many more people to help and support that joining the W-Walkers, raising funds and taking part in the 3-Day is a great way for me to my bit. I walk in memory of my best friend's mother, my lovely friend, Kate and many, many others.


Irene Cassidy

Survivor / 3 DAY WALKER

Hi! My name is Irene Cassidy and I am happy to be with the J-Walkers! I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 during a routine screening. I didn't have any family history and was in my forties .. I couldn't believe that I had cancer. My form was called DCIS and was caught so early that it was classified as stage 0 since it resided only in the breast ducts. Since the spot was so small and near the surface, I opted for a lumpectomy and radiation (No chemo since it was contained). Unfortunately, on the follow-up mammogram more DCIS was spotted and I was told that there are some women that have radiation-resistant DCIS. It was time for a mastectomy .. I decided to go through with a bilateral mastectomy because the cancer seemed aggressive. This was in October of 2013 and I have been cancer free ever since. I started walking the 3-Day in 2015 and plan to walk every year!